Philips AirFryer - Let's fry food without oil

Different Ways to Fry and Cook Without Oil

Philips AirFryer Technical Specifications

Philips Patented Rapid Air technology

How to use Philips AirFryer


Philips AirFryer - Let's fry food without oil

Philips has introduced Airfryer, the modern revolutionary cooking product which requires no oil to fry and no heat-up time, this specific fryer only need twelve minutes to fry and it is unlike a pan. Philips Airfryer could make crispy chicken nuggets, tasty French fries, delicately browned animal meat or fantastic pastries, and even you can produce delicious calamari by making use of this gadget.


Philips AirFryer


The Philips Airfryer uses a mix of a fan along with a grill, blasting very hot air throughout the food at high rates. There is a technological term for this, the Maillard Effect. The chips brown and crisp just like that toasting operates.



What else could you cook using the Philips AirFryer?


It's not only potato chips you can cook with this gizmo. Even though the AirFryer was created to cook chips without having extra fat, it offers many differenet other purposes.

The AirFryer includes a Recipe Book, but below are a few tips of stuff you can cook using the AirFryer. You can also check out some of the videos show how to use the Philips AirFryer.

  1. Frozen/fresh potato chips
  2. Frozen/Fresh chicken nuggets
  3. Chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken breasts
  4. Steak, hamburgers, beefburgers
  5. Pizza, cheese sticks
  6. Cakes
  7. And much more...



Understand howPhilips Airfryer works?


Philips has patented Rapid Air Technology, which moves hot air around a grill element and it is the core of Airfryer. The hot air not just creates delicious meals, but in addition lessens fat nearly 80% in comparison with the oil fried models.


Other features of airfryer include:

  1. No heat-up time required and fries are ready in just twelve minutes.
  2. Create complete meals with the Food Separator Accessory, which cooks and crisps several ingredients at once — without mixing flavors.
  3. Airfryer comes with an Integrated Air Filter, which eliminates smelly hot oil vapors.
  4. An in-built timer lets you pre-set cooking times of up to 30 minutes
  5. The Adjustable Temperature Control runs up to 200°C. 


Where to buy Philips Airfryer?


Philips Airfryer is set to release on November 26, 2010


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